About Andrew Carson

Art has been very important to me. The meaning of objects has been coming from the people who see it and relate to it. The meaning does not come from the maker. My relationships with customers have been very solid over the years. Have you ever made a mistake in a relationship? Of course, we all do. The most common mistake is not being clear. It is kind to be clear. Yet who wants to say those things we are thinking? Who wants to rock the boat? Who wants to tell someone they are not happy? So clarity is not simple, or easy. At least it is not for me.

Another mistake I have made is the HALT issue. If you have had a toe in addiction or coaching you might have heard this many times. Don’t deal with people when you are too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Your brain simply is offline in these situations.

The philosophy of existence is something a few of us track, all while we go through the motions of life. Who else out there lives a life of shoulds? Where did our wants go, how do we find them? Even if I locate my wants somewhere on a therapists couch, Do I deserve it? Who out there feels like they deserve what they want? So what is left: taking care of everyone? Doing what we are told?

Where does all this go with Art anyway, why would any artist think about shoulds and wants and clarity? It is just the conceptual part of art? Maybe you are destined to become a part of a larger conceptual art project. Something I am years from figuring out.